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Functionary Labs is a product design studio.

We're a team of makers and creative technologists who are passionate about building products that deliver value, solve complexities, and scale to demand.

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We are only a bunch of humans.

Photos of Muneef Hameed

Muneef Hameed

Founder, CEO
Photos of Jebin Koshy

Jebin Koshy

Photos of Ambareesha AV

Ambareesha AV

Product Engineer
Photos of Aseem Ali

Aseem Ali

Product Designer
Photos of Fida Hakeem

Fida Hakeem

Director, Finance
Photos of Salsabeel K

Salsabeel K

Co-founder, CTO
Photos of Fairuz K

Fairuz K

Product Designer
Photos of Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Frontend Engineer
Photos of Vasil


Backend Engineer

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© Functionary Labs Pvt Ltd 2022


© Functionary Labs Pvt Ltd 2022